Law Advice

  • Incorporation of companies,
  • legal secretarial services,
  • Acquisition, demerger and partial asset transfer operations,
  • Modification of share capital,
  • Drafting of partners’ pacts …;
  • Drafting and review of employment contracts and social documents,
  • Management of dismissal cases,
  • Retirement and accidents at work …;
  • Drafting of bank agreements,
  • Restructuring of debts,
  • Structured finance,
  • Acquisition of equity,
  • Recovery of debts …;
  • Securing investments,
  • Putting in place effective guarantee mechanisms,
  • Realizing collateral …;
  • Sectoral taxation,community taxation, local taxation,
  • Mediation …;
  • Drafting of contracts and documents,
  • Monitoring and execution of contracts,
  • Use of mechanisms of prevention and management of contractual imbalance;
  • Council Internet law,
  • Drafting of IT maintenance contracts,
  • Charter editorial use communication tools in the business …;
  • Drafting contracts and analyzing the conformity of contract award procedures,
  • Monitoring and execution of contracts …;
  • Identification and implementation of the electoral register, media monitoring,
  • Campaign financing …

Human Resources Consulting / Organizations

  • Recruitment of staff on behalf of public and private structures;
  •  Payroll management;
  •   Writing documents for staff such as:

                    – the internal regulations;
                    – the staff regulations;
                    – codes of ethics;
                    – the dress codes.

  • Writing of procedures manuals.

Project Management

TESLIM Consulting accompanies you throughout the process of editing your project by offering its services for :

  • Identification of the most relevant program and call;
  • The analysis of the call for projects;
  • Help in finding partners, in Chad, in Africa and internationally;
  • Support for the structuring of the project in batches (workpackages);
  • The proofreading of the scientific parts on English, and the articulation of ideas;
  • Assistance in drafting the non-scientific parts of the proposal (management, risk management, exploitation of results, impact, ethics, gender, etc.);
  • Assistance with budget preparation and consolidation for all partners;
  • Registration of administrative and financial forms;
  • Project submission online.
  • Once your project is selected, TESLIM Consulting helps you to:

             – evaluation summary report;
             – negotiation with partners;
             – the negotiation of the consortium agreement.

  • TESLIM Consulting carries out feasibility studies and business plans that allow the formatting of all the commercial, technical and financial data of a project.
  • With TESLIM Consulting you will have support to exchange with your partners to convince them to support you financially and technically.

TESLM Consulting allows you to:

  • Build a good monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Identify the challenges of the monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Master the main stages of the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation system that is useful for policy makers and operators.

Business Council

  • Development and implementation of trade policies;
  • Commercial
  • Technics ;
  • International Development ;
  • Investment advice;
  • Commercial surveys;
  • Customer relationship ;
  • marketing;
  • Media monitoring.

Evaluation of public policies

  • Advice to decision-makers,
  • Study of projects,
  • Preparation of country risk sheets,
  • Monitoring and implementation of public policies,
  • Prospective.


  • Management of hydraulic irrigation systems
  • Sector approach and agricultural and agri-food value chain
  • Rural land management
  • Business management applied to SMEs in the agricultural and food sectors
  • Hygiene and Food Safety
  • Business creation: business plan and fundraising
  • Company project
  • Associate Pact
  • Restructuring operations
  • Management control for SME development
  • Entrepreneur Strategy: Brand Management, Packaging, CRM and e-marketing
  • Impact studies
  • Environmental and social monitoring of programs and projects
  • Tax and customs inspection
  • Audit of public finances
  • Evolutions and new modalities of budgetary control
  • OHADA accounting system
  • Financial state
  • Financial programming tools
  • Project setup: needs, financing, feasibility
  • Results-Based Management (RBM) of projects and programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs: principles and tools
  • IT tools for management and monitoring and evaluation
  • Sector presentation
  • Technical training (design, production, logistics, marketing)
  • Planning of electrical networks
  • Identification, preparation and support of energy projects
  • Identification, preparation and support of road projects
  • Assistance in the realization of renewable energy projects
  • Establishment of an Information System in Human Resources
  • Human Resource Management and Forecast Management of Jobs and Skills
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Secretary General and Director of the Cabinet: Roles in the Transformation of Public Action
  • Identification of needs and development of training plans
  • Procurement and Management of Public Procurement Delivery
  • Regulation and Control of Public Procurement
  • Management of Public-Private Partnership Contracts
  • Negotiation of mining contracts
  • Taxation applicable to mining companies
  • Inspection of mines and quarries
  • Regulation
  • Taxation applicable to telecommunication activities
  • TIC
  • Charter contract
  • Logistics
  • Transit

Public Law & private




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